Golden toe socks are a trend that’s become more popular lately.

    According to the BBC, the word “gold” was added to the footwear’s name in the 1950s.

    Today, they are popular with women who want to add some glamour to their outfits.

    A woman in London has worn one of the shoes for the last two years, and it is said to be worn by a famous actor.

    The footwear is often worn with a gold or platinum color scheme and is available in a range of colors.

    While gold is the color of gold, it is not always used in the same fashion.

    Some people prefer to wear a lighter shade of gold than the standard dark grey.

    “It’s more about making a statement and showing that you are the most beautiful person that you can be,” said the fashion blogger.

    The color is a popular choice among fashion bloggers because it can stand out on the runway and it gives a statement without being a heavy gold color.

    “People like to wear them because they can be bold, they can stand for a statement,” said Katie Pascarella, a fashion writer and blogger.

    Pascadia said the shoe has become so popular because it shows a woman’s confidence in her looks.

    “I think the more people can wear them, the more confidence they have,” she said.

    The fashion blogger explained that the heel of the shoe is a bit longer than most of the other shoes, making it easier to slip it on or off.

    “With a bit of work, you can get the heel down to a length that is comfortable,” Pascaria said.

    Pushing the boundaries with fashion can be tricky.

    While a lot of the time, women like to go with bold, colorful looks, Pascadian says the shoe can make the wearer stand out.

    “If you can pull off a bold statement in the shoe, then you can have a lot more freedom in what you want to wear it with,” she explained.

    “You can do a very bold, bold black and gold.”

    Pascace said the color scheme also has an appeal for women with darker skin tones.

    “For me, it’s a very powerful statement, because it gives you a way to stand out and be yourself, which is something that most women do not do very often,” she added.

    “When you are on your own, you don’t have a whole lot of confidence, so when you are in the presence of others, it becomes more of an issue of how you stand out, what you wear and how you talk about yourself.”