Posted April 06, 2018 00:48:00The Gold Coast has a long and proud history of women athletes playing football and the Gold Coast Stars have a long history of supporting women’s football.

    The Gold and Black team was named the best in the country by the National Women’s Football League this week, after they went undefeated on the Gold Cup circuit.

    On Saturday, the Gold and Blue women’s team was honored with the Women’s Gold Cup trophy at the Brisbane Lions Football Club’s annual football match.

    The team played their first match of the season in the Brisbane city against the Brisbane Saints in a match that was not broadcast on the NRL Network.

    “I think it’s great,” Gold Coast Football Club CEO David Gough said.

    “We really appreciate it.”

    The Gold & Black women won the game on their first try.

    “The fact we’ve been able to do that for such a long period of time is really good news,” Gough added.

    “It really shows you how supportive the club is of the women in the sport.”

    You see it on the field.

    I know it’s not as glamorous as it is in the press and on the pitch but we’re very proud of what we’re doing.

    “Gold Coast women’s coach Jennifer McKeown was the captain for the Stars and said the team was proud to have the honour of representing the Gold & Blue.”

    Our goal is to make the club one of the most successful in the game in 2018,” McKeynys coach said.

    She said it was a great honour to lead the team in a way she had been doing for years.”

    As a woman coach, as a coach, I think you want to be able to be on the podium and be the one who gets the credit,” McEneys coach added.

    She described it as an exciting time for the Gold Capas and said they wanted to make history in 2018.”

    To be able go up against the best women’s club in the world and play in front of your own fans and to win is something that I know we will do,” McEvys coach explained.

    McKeyns team was undefeated in 2016, when they played the St George Illawarra Dragons in the final of the Western Sydney Wanderers Women’s Final Cup.

    They beat the Dragons 13-8 and then beat the Titans 15-10.”

    For the first time, we’ve had the chance to play against a club that’s been successful in its entire history,” Mckeys coach concluded.

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