Gold wedding bells, sparkly earrings and sparkly wedding rings are now officially out of fashion.

    But the tradition of wearing gold rings is a thing of the past.

    And the trend is set to pick up again soon.

    The trend of wearing a gold wedding ring is gaining traction on social media, with users sharing images of themselves with gold wedding band tattoos on their wrists and necks.

    The silver wedding rings on the other hand are a trend that seems to be gaining popularity as well, with a trend board on Instagram showing the silver wedding ring on a bride’s arm and a bride with her own gold ring on her finger.

    While it’s not uncommon for wedding rings in gold to be paired with sparkly or gold accessories, many have questioned whether or not they’re actually gold.

    The gold wedding bands that we wear today were invented in the 1920s and 1930s, according to the Smithsonian Institute, which noted in a 2017 report that the first gold wedding engagement ring was created by American jeweler and designer Louis Rabe in 1929.

    As of today, there are more than 6,500 variations of gold wedding wedding rings.

    However, according the Smithsonian, “the exact design and the number of individual rings have changed significantly over the years, due to new technological advancements.”

    While many have argued that a ring is only as good as its designer, it’s important to note that many designers are still creating gold wedding bells today.

    The popularity of gold rings has been largely fueled by the trend of women wearing them on a daily basis, but some say it’s also because it’s a more economical option for women who want to keep a traditional style.


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