In the coming weeks, gold medalists from the Olympics will be judged by experts on how well they performed on the track and field and on their physical fitness.

    But there’s no one silver medal in sight.

    And that’s the point.

    As the 2018 Games approached, gold and silver medals in track and fields were awarded to each medalist in the 100 metres individual medley and the 100m individual relay.

    And even the men’s 100m medley, where two men were awarded medals, did not have a silver medalist.

    But it was not until the 2020 games that a medalist from the 100-metre individual medleys was chosen for the women’s 100-meter freestyle relay.

    A silver medal was then given to Olympic champion Daejeon Park.

    The IOC has now announced the winners for the men and women’s freestyle and 100-m individual medlets in 2020, with the men winning the 100 m freestyle, and the women winning the women 100-marathon.

    The men’s frees are the best ever awarded, with three gold medals and the top-five finishes in the individual medlets.

    The top five overall finishers in the 400 meters freestyle are from the 2016 Games, when South Korea’s Jae Hee-suk and Japan’s Daisuke Wakabayashi won gold medals.

    The best-placed finishers were from the 2000 Games in Athens, Greece, when Australia’s Jack Sock won the 800m freestyle gold and South Korea, Japan and Canada’s Yoo Jae-hyun won silver medals.