Gold coins have come a long way since the days of the old Gold King, but they still remain popular among gold and silver enthusiasts.

    The current gold coin market, which is dominated by the US and China, has seen a boom in demand for gold bullion, but there are many other countries around the world where the currency is a very popular choice.

    Here are a few of our favourite countries for gold coin enthusiasts to visit.1.

    The US, where the average price for a coin is $1,600 and the average bullion coin is worth around $500.

    The average American also likes the idea of being able to buy gold bullions as opposed to silver coins, as they’re easier to store and they are more secure than silver coins.2.

    The UK, where gold coins are worth around £300 and the silver coin is about £300.

    The country has been the home of the silver coins for almost as long as gold has been around, but its also a popular place for the gold coin, and is also home to the world’s oldest mints.3.

    France, where coins are valued at about £900.

    French coins are the highest in the world and their value has been increasing each year since the beginning of the gold rush.4.

    Germany, where average prices for gold coins and silver coins are around $800 and £600 respectively.

    The national currency, the Deutsche Mark, is the second-highest in the country, after the euro, and has seen an impressive growth in value in recent years.5.

    The Czech Republic, where prices for silver coins and coins are about £100.

    This country also boasts the highest gold reserves in the EU, with more than 100 tons of gold.6.

    The Netherlands, where price for gold is around $300.

    It is a relatively new country in Europe, but the Dutch have had a lot of success with their gold coin and silver coin markets.7.

    Italy, where a gold coin is around €100.

    The Italian coin is considered to be the best quality of gold in the European Union, and there are several coins produced for it.8.

    The Philippines, where mints produce about 100 tonnes of gold bullionic coins a year.9.

    Germany and the Czech Republic have been producing coins of varying quality since the late 19th century, when the first silver coins were minted.10.

    The Bahamas, where metal coins are produced at an annual rate of up to 40 tonnes of bullion a year, making it the biggest gold market in the Caribbean.11.

    The USA, where coin sales have seen an increase in recent months, due to the increase in demand from gold investors.

    The demand has been especially strong in the US, with an average annual sales of more than $20 million.12.

    Australia, where there is a gold and platinum coin market of around $100,000, with many collectors purchasing gold bulliies from other markets.13.

    The Republic of Ireland, where sales of silver coins hit an average of $100 a year in the last 10 years.14.

    France has seen the most gold coin sales in the region over the past few years.

    Sales have doubled every year since 2009, when gold bulliar coins were introduced.15.

    The Isle of Man has the highest demand for silver bulliics, with around 20 tonnes produced each year.16.

    The United Kingdom has a significant gold market, with a market capitalisation of over £100 million, with gold coins being the second most popular metal coin.17.

    The Irish Republic has a very low demand for coins of any other metal.

    They have been in gold bullair since around the beginning, with sales increasing each time the currency has been devalued.18.

    The Chinese are another country that has seen huge growth in their gold and coin markets in recent times.

    In recent years, they have been selling silver bullion in their coin market.19.

    Japan has been very successful in the market for silver and gold bulliard, with almost 20 tonnes being produced each day.20.

    The Kingdom of Spain has a huge silver and copper coin market in which sales have reached an average yearly average of £150,000.21.

    Singapore, the island nation with the world number one bullion market, has a market value of around £2 billion, and they also have a significant silver coin market with more gold coins in circulation.22.

    The Dominican Republic, which has a population of more the 9.6 million people who live there, is a country that is known for its beautiful tropical landscapes, and a great gold coin collector can often find something unique to their collection.23.

    Iceland, which was the home to gold coins until the 1990s, has recently seen a dramatic decrease in sales.

    They had sold around 70 tonnes a year until 2016, but since then the number has been down to around 25 tonnes a day.24. Japan


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