Gold is surging again as California’s craigslist-gold boom has been dubbed the “gold rush” in a new report.

    The gold boom has helped the state earn a $9 billion economy, the Associated Press reported Monday.

    The state has a $13 billion economy and has a national tourism economy worth more than $2 billion.

    California’s economy is now larger than New York’s.

    But the gold rush has brought with it challenges, such as a $4.7 billion shortage of gold bars, the AP reported.

    California now has more than 3,300 gold mines and more than 1,000 gold-processing plants, according to the AP.

    It has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country.

    But it is also a state with a strong gold tradition.

    In the 1800s, the state was the hub of the gold trade.

    People traveled from as far away as New York and Florida to the San Francisco Bay area, where they worked in mines.

    Today, California’s mines are known for producing gold, silver, copper and bronze.

    A gold mining operation can cost $40 million, but the mines are often open year-round.

    In addition, California is home to one of only two gold-mining states in the world.

    That state is Oregon, which has its own gold mining industry.

    Oregon is one of many that are struggling to get their mines to work and pay for construction.

    Many of those mines are operated by Chinese companies.

    In Oregon, gold miners pay about $300 for a pound of gold.

    In California, a gold mine can cost as much as $20,000.

    Many mining companies have been unable to compete in the booming market for gold because of their own production problems.


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