Gold is going to be the last thing that will come out of the gold rush, but there’s one thing that might hold the market back from a crash that’s already here.

    That’s the price of gold.

    Gold is down about 5% this year, according to data from the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

    That means that if gold prices keep falling, the rest of the markets are going to follow suit, too.

    Gold isn’t a good place to hold the dollar, and it’s even less a good thing to hold when the U.S. has its largest deficit in the world.

    Here’s why.

    The United States has the highest deficit of any nation in the G7 group of industrialized countries.

    That includes China, which is the second-largest debtor nation in Europe, and Japan, which has been the source of some of the worst financial distress in the history of the planet.

    That has created an environment in which other nations are less inclined to invest in the U, and that in turn has caused a global economic recession that is hurting everyone.

    In the United States, the federal government’s debt has grown by more than $20 trillion, the biggest increase in the nation’s history.

    The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the country’s national debt will double by 2030.

    That debt is the largest source of debt for all of humanity.

    It’s also the largest cause of the countrys fiscal deficits, which have ballooned in the past three years.

    In other words, the U is a debt-ridden country that can’t spend its way out of trouble, and if it did, it would be in serious trouble.

    That makes the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Australia and other countries that have become financial engines of the world nervous.

    There’s nothing to suggest that those countries will bail out the U anytime soon.

    “We’re in the midst of a financial crisis that is really, really serious,” said Steven Rattner, a professor of finance at the University of California, Irvine.

    That puts the United Sates in a unique position, Rattner said.

    It has the ability to step in and save the U’s finances, but it’s also a nation that has been borrowing a lot and it has been spending a lot.

    “There’s an assumption in many countries that, if the U pays its bills, it’ll be a better economy,” Rattner added.

    “But that’s not true.”

    That’s what happened with China, where China has been building up its own debt.

    The government of China, the world’s second-biggest economy, recently took a haircut of 1.8% on its debt.

    That would have allowed it to avoid defaulting on its loans, but that’s no guarantee that the government would have been able to keep the money flowing.

    China’s government has been cutting interest rates on the Chinese national currency, the yuan, as part of a massive stimulus program that has helped to keep its economy afloat, but the interest rates have been very low.

    In fact, they’re low enough that they’ve made China’s debt look like a much safer place to be.

    China has long been the largest importer of U. S. debt, but this year it has cut interest rates to near zero.

    That could make it a much less attractive place to borrow money, Rattners said.

    The Chinese government, which owns a large part of the U:s economy, has been a major source of stimulus spending, but its policies are also causing the country to run a massive deficit.

    That deficit is also forcing the Chinese government to borrow more from other nations in the global financial system.

    That borrowing is taking a bite out of what’s left of the Chinese economy.

    China is the world leader in the use of foreign currency reserves, but debt and trade deficits are also hurting its economy.

    A huge number of Chinese consumers rely on trade with other countries to buy their goods and services.

    Those imports have become so big that China’s exports have declined, and now they’re going to start to drop.

    That is causing the Chinese to borrow a lot more from the U., which has already been hurt by that contraction.

    It means that as the Chinese trade with the rest for example, their foreign currency is going down, and they’re starting to run into trouble, Rattans said.

    There are also fears that the Chinese could soon default on their debts and lose all their money.

    That may happen.

    China already has been facing a debt crisis that has lasted for decades.

    In 2015, the government of then-President Xi Jinping promised to repay its debts.

    He didn’t.

    But the government now says it will default on the debt it owes China.

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that the U will default, though.

    Rattners warned that the global economy could start to unravel if China defaulted on its debts, and even if it didn’t, the Chinese might still run into serious problems if the global system went into a financial meltdown


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