Gold, silver and bronze are the most valuable metals in the world.

    Gold, platinum, palladium, and palladium-rich silver, copper, lead, and gold-plated brass all make up the most-expensive metals in modern society.

    The three most popular types of gold are gold, gold, and platinum, which are all worth about the same in modern dollars, but they’re also very different in terms of their properties.

    Silver is also pretty rare and expensive, but platinum is even more scarce.

    In addition, there’s no way to know how much platinum is actually in a particular piece of jewelry, so the average person can only get one piece of gold or silver jewelry for a good-to-great price.

    So if you’re going to spend your money on something expensive, you should at least be able to get one of each type of gold, copper or brass.

    While it may not be worth the investment to spend that kind of money on gold and silver jewelry, it’s also possible to get something like a gold-piercing diamond or other valuable gem.

    Here are the best pairs of shoes you can buy that combine the properties of all three metals.