The gold-skinned woman in this photo is Yukon gold star Emily Mowat, and she’s already doing her part to help the Gold Country and its residents recover from a devastating winter.

    Mowatt, 32, was born and raised in the Yukon and is the eldest of seven siblings.

    The Yukon native was born with cystic fibrosis, a disease that causes severe muscle weakness and organ failure, and is currently in the process of undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

    Moweat’s mother, Jennifer, has been a gold-star mother since 2013, and it was Mowathons father who gave her the opportunity to pursue her dream of being a Gold Star.

    “It was a blessing, it was a privilege to know that she was getting this recognition,” Mowatts mother said.

    “To see her go from the Gold Star position to having this opportunity for the family, it’s so inspiring.”

    Mowaths father, Steve, is also an active Gold Star, and says that it was his daughter who encouraged him to get into the sport.

    “When I first started to train I was just scared to death, but she said, ‘Steve, I know you’re going to be the gold-haired one, but you should do it.’

    I was like, ‘You want me to be that one?’

    I’m proud to be Gold Star.”

    Moweatts mother also shared that Mowats father, who has been active in the sport since the 1980s, is currently a Gold Stars dad.

    “We are all proud of her, we’re all proud that she’s been a Gold star,” said Mowottts father.

    “She is a true gold-eyed hero, and so is the whole Gold Country.”

    Gold Stars can be the first to get a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal, or a Bronze Medal.

    For a Gold-star, a Gold medal is awarded for having the most medals in a single season.

    A Silver medal is given for being named the highest-scoring player in the Gold-stars medal count for the season.

    Motes, a gold medalist for the 2012 Sochi Winter Olympics, will get her first gold medal when the Winter Games resume in the coming months.

    “I’m really happy for Emily Moweatt,” said Steve Mowatz, who is the Gold Stars son and former captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    “You’re the first Gold-Star to have this opportunity to go from Gold to Gold.

    I’m so proud to have her as my wife and mother, so it’s a real honor.”


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