Golden City, also known as the Golden Coil, is a golden city located on the continent of Arathor.

    It is one of the most powerful strongholds of the Knights of the Golden Circle and is located in the heart of the world’s first city, the Golden City.

    Golden City is the home to the Golden Crown, a power ring of immense strength and power which has been wielded by the Knights for generations.

    It was the stronghold of the Black Knights of Arthas.

    The Black Knights have been defeated at the hands of the White Scars and the Lich King, and the world is in mourning.

    The city has been in the hands the Lich Lord for over 200 years.

    The Lich King’s presence is now being felt in the city as he has been able to summon the dead to his side.

    The White Scarls were once part of the Dark Horde, but have since fled to the surface world.

    Now they roam the streets of the city in search of food and to find allies.

    The power of the Lich’s power is now felt throughout the city and many members of the Order of the Emerald Eye have joined the fight against him.

    The Knights of King’s Row, along with the rest of the Alliance, have joined forces with the Alliance to stop the Lich.

    They are led by Archmage Lucien and his companions.

    The Order of Emerald Eye was formed in the year 3085 by the Grey Knights to hunt down and slay the Lich, but it has since become one of most powerful organizations in Azeroth.

    The organization is made up of Knights of each of the three different factions that made up the Alliance: the Horde, the Alliance and the Scourge.

    As of 2165, the Emerald Emerald Order is composed of the following: A new and more powerful version of the Grey Knight, the Argent Dawn.

    The Argent Dawn has gained a lot of prestige in recent years, having proven itself to be one of only a few organizations able to defeat the Lich once and for all.

    The new Grey Knight’s training and skills were used by the Argent Crusade in order to defeat Kil’jaeden and take over the Emerald Dream.

    The Emerald Dawn also has a new member in the form of Archmage Vashj, who was one of its first recruits.

    The Silver Knights, an offshoot of the Argent Scourge, are one of two other major groups.

    The other is the Alliance of Light.

    The Alliance of the Light is a faction that has been active for years in the north, fighting against the Horde and Alliance.

    They fight with the assistance of other groups, like the Horde-affiliated White Scarmers, and their leader is the new Archmage Magni Bronzebeard.

    The Light also has several members, including a new mage named Kalecgos the Wise.

    The Dark Alliance, an alliance of the undead led by the Lich Queen, is one faction that is active in the northern part of Azerot.

    It has gained considerable notoriety recently, and recently it was discovered that it is working with the Argent and Grey Knights.

    It’s not known if the Dark Alliance has joined the battle against the Lich or if it is just a new recruit to the battle.

    It appears that the Lich has captured some of the more powerful undead, including the Lich Lords and the Deathlords, but has not yet been able by this point to kill the rest.

    There is a certain number of undead that the Argent can hold, and they are the ones that will be able to fight against the undeads of the other factions.

    They will be forced to work together, as the other undeads will be destroyed if they are not freed.

    The undeads that have been freed by the other forces have also shown great fighting abilities, and a few of them are the new allies of the Horde that have arrived.

    Some of the Undead that have escaped the Lich have become a threat to the other races of Azuradon.

    These include the undead known as Darkmoon Knights, who have been fighting alongside the Scourge and Alliance since the beginning of the war.

    It remains to be seen whether or not they will continue to fight the Scourge or if they will be hunted down by the new undead.

    The next major battle of the game takes place in the Broken Shore.

    The battleground is a major hub for the fight between the Alliance.

    It also holds the entrance to the Broken Isles, the new hub that has opened in the middle of Azulon.

    The Broken Shore is a large underwater island that has appeared out of nowhere.

    The island is divided into many different regions and the areas within them are filled with undead.

    There are several factions that fight on the island: the Alliance for the Broken Sky, the Darkmoon Guards, the Forsaken, and most recently, the Horde.

    The Forsaken have been making significant advances on the Alliance since their defeat at the Burning Legion’s hands, but the Horde has been holding their own against them.

    They have been