A golden retriever and a golden goose named after dogs have been adopted from the Golden Gate Park Zoo in San Francisco.

    The two golden retrievers, named Golden and Golden, were born to Golden, a golden retriver from the zoo, and Golden’s owner, Barbara, a Golden retriver.

    They will be cared for at the San Francisco Animal Shelter until they are old enough to be adopted.

    Barbara said the dogs are so adorable and are very loyal to each other that she and her husband, Larry, had hoped they could bring them home soon.

    They are not the only Golden retrivers at the park.

    The San Francisco Zoo is home to a Golden Retriever named Golden, who has been trained to hunt for rabbits.

    Golden and Golden are the first Golden Retrievers to be taken in by a shelter in San Jose, California.

    The shelter was founded in 1989 and now has nearly 1,000 Golden Retries.

    San Francisco’s Golden Retriers have made headlines in the past.

    Golden’s father, Golden, is a firefighter and was shot in the leg in 1994 while protecting an apartment building.

    Golden was given a prosthetic leg after the accident and remains the only surviving Golden Retrier.

    Golden has also been trained in self-defense techniques.

    Golden, however, has also learned that a dog can bite, according to the shelter.

    Golden’s owners, Larry and Barbara, are hoping that the dogs will become part of the Golden Retreat, an annual gathering of more than 20,000 dogs that is held at San Francisco’s Zoo San Jose and the Golden Park Zoo.

    Golden, a gold, is one of the zoo’s most popular golden retrieves, but his owner says he has become more independent since becoming a Golden.

    Barbara says she has been told by zoo staff that Golden has learned to be more independent.

    She said she has also told Golden that she has to teach him how to protect himself, as he has grown up with an aggressive temperament.

    Golden retrievers can be a challenging breed for new owners to handle.

    They are easily stressed and will need to be handled in a calm manner.

    Larry said he would love to take Golden and bring him to San Jose so that he could help him get his first dog license.

    Golden will be given the best training possible to help him with his new responsibilities.

    Larry hopes Golden will become a great part of his family.

    He says he will take him everywhere with him.

    Golden will be the first golden retriving in San Joaquin County to receive a Golden Rescue, the San Joinsos Golden Rescue Association said.

    San Joaquin has been a hot spot for Golden rescue since 2007.

    The first Golden retriving, Golden from the San Jose Zoo, died from heart disease while in the care of the shelter in 2013.

    Golden was born to a family of Golden retrievers and was adopted from San Jose to the San Carlos Zoo in 2009.


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