Baby Gold, the baby gold bracelets that have made celebrities famous and a darling of fashionistas, are about to make a comeback.

    The brand is back with a new range of baby gold earrings, bracelets and baby gold shoes, but this time, the focus is on a new design. 

    The new look will be unveiled on October 27, and will be the first time the brand has made baby gold accessories. 

    “The new baby gold style has the golden blonde hair and gold coloured eyes,” said Baby Gold founder and CEO Jia Wu in a statement.

    “Baby Gold has a bright personality, a unique personality and the most beautiful style.” 

    The brand’s new line is called Baby Gold and features designs that mimic the golden hairstyles and gold ear rings that have been associated with the brand. 

    Gold is often associated with gold jewelry, and the new baby jewellery looks like baby gold. 

    Baby Gold’s website promises that the new accessories will be available in three colours and “beautiful” packaging, and promises to be the “most luxurious, unique and fun baby gold jewelry collection in the world.” 

    “We are extremely proud of our brand, its beauty and our customers, and we look forward to the future of Baby Gold,” Wu added. 

    There are only six baby gold products currently available in the US, according to the Baby Gold website, but Baby Gold has plans to launch a second line of baby jewlery in the future. 

    According to Baby Gold’s Twitter account, it plans to release the brand’s first ever baby gold-themed clothing line in 2018. 

    You can read more about the brand on the BabyGold website, and visit the brand at


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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