A little over three months ago, the world’s largest gold coin company unveiled a new type of gold coin designed to compete with the popular Australian dollar.

    Now, a new study shows that the new gold coin, called the Gold Digger, has more than twice the gold content of the existing coin.

    Gold Diggers are smaller coins that can be placed into a box and placed in a variety of situations to make the coin stand out.

    The Gold Digging Company, based in Melbourne, Australia, announced that it has developed a new gold digger coin.

    They have designed a gold digging coin that is smaller than a standard gold coin and can be inserted into a variety and number of places.

    The new coin uses only gold, and its design is reminiscent of a traditional gold coin.

    It has a base of gold that has been softened by rubbing, sanding, and polishing.

    The coins weight is reduced by about 20 per cent by using a base made from nickel and nickel alloy.

    They are expected to be sold at an estimated price of $200.

    This is an important milestone in the evolution of the gold coin industry, and we can’t wait to see how this new coin performs in the market.

    A silver digger is a smaller coin that weighs 10 per cent less than a gold coin because it has a silver base that has already been softened to make it lighter.

    Its design is also reminiscent of an old gold coin that was launched in 2011.

    The Silver Digger Company, which was founded in 2012, is based in London and is expected to sell around $1 million worth of the coin this year.


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