Goldsmiths Goldsmith is the company that made the most beautiful gold necklace on the planet.

    Goldsmiths, the Australian company that created the ‘Tower of London’ necklace, says it is currently selling the necklace for $10,000.

    GoldSmiths GoldSmiths, which also manufactures the ‘Queen Elizabeth I’, ‘Queen Victoria’, and ‘Queen Mary II’ bracelets, says the necklace will set a woman back $50,000 when it hits the market in the next 12 months.

    Gold Smiths Gold Smiths says it’s still looking for a buyer for the ‘tower necklace’ and has been offering it for nearly six years.

    “We are still looking to a potential buyer but unfortunately the market has changed so much that we are not sure how long it will last,” Goldsmith’s spokesperson Nicole Gough told

    “This necklace is very unique, we are very proud of it and the world is now interested in this.”

    Our current focus is to sell the necklace as a limited edition in the US and Australia, we will also be making the necklace available for international buyers as well.

    “The necklace is made of gold and silver with an adjustable diamond stud on the base.

    It’s a piece of art and it will set your neck back $20,000, Goldsmith said.

    The necklace’s design has become a hit with fashionistas and fashion bloggers around the world.”

    The necklace looks great on anyone and it is an absolute piece of jewellery,” GoldSmith’s spokesperson said.”

    I can’t believe it is getting such a positive response.

    “Goldsmith said it is still working to find a buyer and said the necklace would remain in stock for some time.”

    Currently, we have a limited number of available items in stock but this limited quantity will be reduced over time to ensure that we have enough available for the final auction in the coming months,” Gold Smith’s spokesperson Gough said.


    Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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