Goldilocks and the Seven Dwarfs: A Christmas Carol is one of my favorite films, but I’m a bit biased because it’s the one where we’re all adults and it’s a bit dark.

    I love the movie because I think the gold standard of what a story should be is a mature adult tale about a child and a grown up.

    And it’s just one of those things that I always find a little bit offensive.

    The thing that bothers me about it is the age of the children.

    We’re talking about characters like Winnie the Pooh, Winnie, Snow White, or Cinderella, so it’s not like we’re talking a kid’s story, it’s something that’s going on with adults and grown ups, and the adults in the story are all adult, and that’s not the point.

    I think that the story should have been for an older audience, I think it’s going to be hard for older kids to digest that story.

    And that’s why I think there should have just been a younger audience to appreciate it.

    It’s not a good story for young kids to see, but that’s OK.

    The idea of Goldilock and the Dwarfs is that you go to the dwarfs’ castle and find a baby with a big golden hand, and he is the best of all the dwarves.

    And there’s this magical gold tree that they all live in.

    And you are supposed to build a big wooden bridge over the river, and when you’re done, the baby will be the king of the world.

    And then there’s the story of the dwarves trying to rescue their baby, and you’re supposed to put gold on him and he will become the king.

    And he’s a kid who wants to be a king, and it goes against everything that you’re taught about what a good, strong, and brave little boy is supposed to be.

    I mean, we’ve all heard that the first time we see a dwarf, we think they’re an ogre or something.

    And we just don’t know if that’s really what they are.

    They’re just so different.

    It would be hard to believe that the idea of these dwarves being grown men is so much better than the idea that they’re young children.

    That would be the hardest to swallow for a kid.

    But the thing is, I’m really into the idea.

    I actually don’t think that we need to have this conversation, because it is actually kind of great, and I’m glad that the kids are getting to experience it.

    There’s also the whole “dwarf in the woods” part.

    The first time you see this story, you think, “Oh, that’s like, we’re in a fairy tale.”

    And it is.

    There is a lot of gold in the wood and it looks like a little gold tree, and this little little golden hand is just walking around and waving and it seems like the most beautiful thing ever.

    So that’s just a part of it that I’m loving.

    And the other thing is the little boy who’s in the middle is named Goldilick.

    He’s like an ordinary boy who has just grown up and become king, but he’s also got this magical golden hand and is going to become king.

    I feel like we need that in our stories, but the way that it’s done, I find it kind of offensive.

    But then, you can’t just dismiss the story as just, well, a baby story.

    The little boy and his parents are a really nice family, but they are also not real adults, and they’re still learning to be kings.

    That’s why it’s great to have that little bit of wisdom from Goldilicks’ perspective.

    And finally, I do think that there’s something really great about the story where you’re not sure if you can tell that it really is a fairy story or if you have to sort of say, “Okay, maybe it’s all just a bit gross.”

    But I love that.

    And I really like the story.

    I have a really strong, strong opinion about it.

    I don’t believe that it is a really good story, but it’s definitely an enjoyable one.


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