Blue nails are not as red as they are red and gold.

    And that’s the beauty of nail polish, experts say.

    “I do not want to be a perfectionist,” said Dr. Karen Gandy, a cosmetic chemist in Minneapolis.

    But, she said, the beauty is in the application.

    “It’s so simple, but so effective,” she said.

    “We don’t know the exact reason why blue nails turn red.

    But there are a few things that seem to make a difference.”

    Dr. Gandy says a good blue nail polish formula can be a combination of two ingredients: blue and gold pigment.

    Blue pigment is a naturally occurring pigment found in the nail bed that gives blue and green-colored nails their deep red, white and green tones.

    But it can also be found in gold.

    Dr. Jules Pouliot, a dermatologist and author of “Blue Is The New Gold,” believes that gold also helps to color blue nails.

    “The reason why a blue nail is so red is because the pigment is gold, not blue,” he said.

    If you have blue nails and gold on them, the formula will give your nails a deep, red hue.

    If your nails are blue but gold, the result will be dull, pale green.

    Gold also works well on blue nails, because it’s easier to find and more resistant to removal, Dr. Poulion says.

    “In a very real sense, gold nails are like blue nails: they don’t change the color of your nails.

    The only difference is the color,” he added.

    To find out how to apply the gold pigment to your blue nails or red nails, Drs.

    Poulsiot and Gandy share their tips.

    How to apply gold nail polish to your nail: Mix a small amount of a non-toxic blue powder (such as a small cup of water) with a drop of a pure gold-colored nail polish remover (such a nail remover with a yellowish tint).

    Then apply the remover to the nail with a fingertip and wipe it off.

    Apply a small quantity of the blue powder to the base of the nail and gently pat the base with the tip of your finger to ensure that you don’t smudge the gold polish.

    Apply the removers to your fingernails and gently buff the nails with the removers.

    If there are any areas where the gold is still showing, dab some blue powder into them to cover up the gold.

    Repeat the process with another small amount.

    After a few weeks, Dr Poulison says the gold color should disappear.

    “You will see a beautiful deep red nail,” he adds.

    Dr Gandy recommends a “blue and green” nail color, which is an “excellent” combination.

    “There’s nothing worse than a white nail with blue nail polishes on it,” she says.

    But Dr Gories says a white-colored, blue-gold nail is also a great choice.

    “A blue nail can look very bright, and it has a bit of red, but a green nail can be very beautiful,” she adds.

    “If you wear a yellow and green nail, the blue color will become more noticeable and duller.

    But the gold will be more noticeable, and the red will be softer and the green will be stronger.”

    What’s your favorite type of nail?


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