A new gold bullion series has been announced, with gold prices rising above $1,300 for the first time in a year.

    The latest price increase is driven by a surge in the price of gold bars produced by the Swiss company, Silver Lake.

    The new silver bars, which are made with silver mined in Canada, have surged in price to hit a record $2,000, according to data from CoinDesk.

    Silver Lake also said that its production is up nearly 30% since December.

    “The silver price has been rising every single day since the beginning of the year,” said the company’s co-founder and CEO, Robert Silverman.

    “So there’s been a very clear signal from silver that we’re on a trajectory to see a big rally, which we haven’t seen since before the financial crisis.”

    Silver Lake produces 1.8 million ounces of gold and silver bars a day, according the company.

    It sells them to investors through a combination of bullion bars and coins.

    The company is also producing the first gold bullions to be made from recycled silver, the US Department of Agriculture said on Monday.

    Silver has been surging this year, and is now up about 40% from a year ago, according a report from Bloomberg.

    The US Department said that since mid-2016, the gold and Silver Lake stocks have risen by more than $1 billion, bringing the total value of the company to $17.2 billion.

    “Silver Lake has seen a dramatic increase in its gold production in recent years and the company is now producing the most valuable gold bullional product in the US,” said Greg Mankiw, chief investment officer at TD Ameritrade.

    “This new product is also a testament to Silver Lake’s growing expertise in bullion and silver production.”

    The company will announce a new silver bullion coin series on Monday, it said.

    The first product will be a gold bullor coin, and a gold-silver coin, the company said.

    Gold prices will be boosted by the release of the silver bars and the release on Monday of new bullion products, the bullion company said in a statement.

    The price of silver has also risen in recent months, according that report.

    The value of gold has also increased by around 20% in the past year, according Bloomberg.


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