The Germans burned jewellery during World War II in order to avoid detection of its origins, according to a new book.

    Written by historian Peter Stömer, the book is titled The Destruction of the Jewish People by Adolf Hitler, and it traces how Hitler and his henchmen destroyed jewellery, jewellery factories, shops, and homes as part of the war effort.

    The Nazis were not the only people to have the audacity to destroy jewellery.

    Throughout the 20th century, thousands of people, including Adolf Hitler himself, were caught on film and in photographs making such horrific comments about jewellery and jewellery-making.

    Some were actually caught on camera as they were trying to destroy and remove jewellery from stores, while others, such as a German journalist, were photographed burning jewellery that was being stored in the Reichstag building in Berlin.

    The German government had its own jewellery laws, which were more strict than the British or the US.

    The first law was introduced in 1933, prohibiting the sale of jewellery with the intent to make money.

    This law was later repealed in 1935, but many businesses continued to make jewellery for a time, and even continued to produce it until the Nazis came to power in 1933.

    The second law was added in 1936.

    It was intended to make sure that jewellery would not be used as a weapon, but instead be used for personal use.

    It stated that jewellers and jewelleries could not be arrested for destroying jewellery unless it had been made to order and could not have been produced without the knowledge of the owner.

    In other words, if a business had been selling jewellery on a wholesale basis, the law said it could not charge the customer more than they were allowed to charge them, even if the customer had been paid by the shopkeeper.

    But that law was repealed in 1937, with the second law replaced by a more lax one in 1938.

    In the new book, Stöamer shows how the Nazi’s efforts to destroy the jewellery industry resulted in millions of deaths and the destruction of jewelled homes, as well as the destruction and destruction of the economy.

    It is estimated that between 1943 and 1945, some 7 million jewelled people were killed.

    Most of these people were jewelled by their jewellery companies and their families.

    Some jewellery was destroyed by the Nazis in factories, and by the German police in the occupied countries, such for example in Auschwitz.

    Some of the jewelled families, including some of the survivors, were not able to leave their own homes because the Nazis were concerned that their families would be deported.

    This resulted in a large proportion of the families being deported to the concentration camps, and of those, a small number of survivors managed to escape.

    One of the last survivors to escape from the Auschwitz death camp was a jewelled widow, Marie.

    In 1946, she became the last surviving survivor of the camp.

    She died in a concentration camp, and the German authorities took her ashes and kept them in a storage shed in her house, and she was buried there.

    She was given a wooden cross made of a piece of wood, which she kept to keep her spirits strong.

    She also received a ring made of diamonds and a chain of pearls that was given to her by the government of the day, the Reichsministerium for the Welfare of the Elderly.

    Stöher writes that during the war, some jewelled houses and shops were burned to the ground.

    These buildings, which the Nazis had originally intended to turn into a museum, were eventually destroyed and the buildings themselves were destroyed by fire.

    It would have been very difficult to rebuild, but this was the first time in German history that such a large part of an entire city had been destroyed.

    Many jewelled buildings were also destroyed by bombs.

    It took some time for the government to get rid of the bombs, which also destroyed a large number of jeweled buildings.

    The destruction of many jewelled jewellery shops was also attributed to the fact that some of them were located in the heart of Berlin, where it was easier for jewelled Jews to hide in.

    This led to many jewellery stores being closed down.

    Some survivors who survived the war say they had to live on the streets, and they said they had not received any compensation for their loss, other than the small amount they had lost.

    Stolmer said that this has had a lasting effect on the German economy.

    The Nazi regime had its share of economic problems, but the Germans, who had a better economy and a better government, also had a stronger economy.

    Many of the other problems caused by the war were caused by German people, such a the shortage of housing.

    During the war a lot of jewelling factories were destroyed.

    This is an example of the devastation caused by bombs, and also the destruction caused by fire and disease.

    As a result of the destruction jewelled stores were burned down, and many jewellier shops were also


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