A golden retriever rescued a gold ring from a nest of cats in North Carolina, and the dog was reunited with her owner Sunday morning.

    Goldy, a 3-year-old golden retrivens, was in the nest when it was found by a neighbor, and she returned home Sunday.

    She had been there for about two weeks when a neighbor noticed the nest had been disturbed and was trying to find a place to stay, said Amy McBride, of the North Carolina Humane Society.

    A few minutes later, McBride’s husband, Brian, said the dog started barking.

    He said he was able to grab the ring from the nest, and a female cat jumped out of it and started chasing it.

    She was able get a few yards away from the pet, but was not aggressive, McBroches said.

    Goldy was able track the female cat to the nest.

    McBride said the cat was about 6 feet long and weighed about 100 pounds.

    Goldie has been with the couple for about three years, she said.

    Goldie’s owner, Mark D. McBride said he and his wife are both veterinarians.

    They said they decided to take the ring back after they heard about the incident.

    They were trying to help, but they were not sure if it was worth it, McBrides said.

    The dogs owner, Michelle Smith, of West Palm Beach, Florida, said she had no idea what had happened, and had no comment.

    Goldies owners, Dwayne and Julie McBride of St. Louis, Missouri, said they are not aware of any other golden retrivers who have been caught in nests, but that it is possible that someone has tried to keep them from returning.


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