It’s one of the biggest mysteries in the jewelry world: How to get rid of gold jewelry.

    The gold craze has gone on for decades, but it’s never been as prevalent as it is today, and there’s been no official guidance on how to remove it.

    “The gold is going to get back in the earth.

    There is a lot of talk about gold, but there is nothing really out there that actually works,” said Robert S. Hirsch, a certified goldsmith in the U.S. who has helped thousands of people remove gold rings and other jewelry.

    He said jewelry manufacturers should be educating consumers and taking advantage of technology to help people get rid in a timely manner.

    “I’m not saying people should just do it.

    I’m just saying if you can’t make a sale for your jewelry, you’re going to have to take it off,” he said.

    The jewelry industry is trying.

    The United States now has more than 7,000 certified gold jewelers, according to the International Gold Council.

    And more than 90 percent of gold miners, including those in the mines, get their gold removed.

    But it’s not easy to do, and people often have to do it by hand.

    Hester, the goldsmith, said some of his clients have spent tens of thousands of dollars on specialized jewelry removal equipment.

    They have a $200,000-plus jewelry shop in their homes, he said, and he also has an office and two small shops in Las Vegas, where his business has a presence.

    One of his most successful clients, who has a platinum earring that weighs a whopping 14 pounds, was able to get the gold jewelry removed from his earrings after about 10 hours of work, he explained.

    “You’re not going to find a diamond that weighs 14 pounds,” he told CNNMoney.

    Hinkler, the Goldsmith, who does business in Las Angeles, said the process can take as little as 15 minutes.

    It took about three hours of patience, and was done by a certified Goldsmith with extensive experience, he added.

    “If you can take that 10 minutes, it could be done in 30 minutes, or less, and it’s going to be worth the price.”

    The process is pretty simple, he told reporters.

    First, the jewelry is carefully removed from the jewelry case with a small diamond scraper.

    “It takes about five minutes to do that.

    Then, you put your finger on the base of the jewel, and the jewel is lifted off with a little bit of force,” he explained to CNNMoney, noting that he usually does it with a large hammer and nails.

    He then gently lifts the jewelry from the earring case, and then you put it back in its place.

    Hinker said the jewelry can be stored for up to four weeks, and is safe to wear, as long as it’s a “safe, non-magnetic metal.”

    The jewelry can then be stored in a safe, nonmagnetic container and placed back into its case.

    It’s safe to store jewelry in a refrigerator, Hinklers said, but not in a freezer, where it could get damaged or lose its value.

    He added that if the jewelry needs to be removed, he suggests taking the jewelry with you when you’re traveling, and letting it air dry for at least a week.

    The other option is to remove the jewelry yourself by hand, he noted.

    “My wife and I did it in less than 10 minutes.

    If I was able, I would have done it in about five,” he added, noting his own experience was less than a minute.

    Homer, the Diamond Collector, told CNN that he has a business in New York that has been selling gold jewelry for more than 20 years.

    He’s worked with hundreds of clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts and other states, and has removed more than 1,000 gold jewelry pieces.

    He recommends that consumers check out his business website before making a purchase.

    “Most people don’t know that they’re getting jewelry from a certified jeweler,” he noted, noting he’s gotten clients asking for refunds or credit.

    He also advises consumers to not have jewelry stored in their own homes and to store it away from children and pets.

    “That’s a big one.

    A child or pet could steal it, and if you store it, it will stay in a box, so it’s less likely to get stolen,” he emphasized.

    “Some people don�t realize it, but a child or a pet can get into the jewelry, take the gold, and leave the box, or put it in the freezer, or whatever,” he stressed.

    “There is no way you’re safe from a thief.”

    If you have a question about jewelry removal, contact the International Food & Drug Administration’s Food Safety Branch at (888) 627-4772.


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