By Michael J. Schuman, The Wall St. Journal The United States is on the verge of a financial crisis that is far worse than any other in modern history.

    That is not to say that China, the world’s biggest economy, will not come out of it unscathed.

    But there is reason to think that it will be a long, drawn-out, protracted, and costly affair.

    China is the world leader in investment, and as the world economy becomes more interconnected and less global, Chinese investors will be more and more inclined to seek investments in the United States.

    The Chinese government is a huge investor in American companies, and has the power to do whatever it wants in order to improve its image abroad.

    The United Nations has warned that China is moving to take advantage of its newfound economic power to undermine the rules and regulations of the international financial system.

    The world is now facing a global recession, and China is at the top of the list of potential culprits.

    There is a reason that the Chinese government has been making it clear that the country will not tolerate the collapse of the global financial system: China has more money than the rest of the world combined, and it will have even more.

    That’s why Chinese banks are making their money seem more attractive.

    The World Bank has calculated that China has about $3 trillion in cash reserves that are sitting around the world.

    That money is almost entirely invested in China, with the rest going to the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, and other nations.

    In a recent interview, Paul Rieckhoff, the president of the International Monetary Fund, said that China’s massive financial reserves, made up of about $1 trillion in assets and about $500 billion in cash, are “not just a new development, but a major development.”

    He said that this was an unprecedented amount of cash that could not be easily used or transferred by the central bank.

    What does that mean for U.S. banks?

    The banks that are most exposed to the financial system are the biggest, with holdings that exceed $10 trillion.

    As the world gets less and less connected and interconnected, the ability of those banks to access their own money has been severely curtailed.

    The U.K. is one of the banks most exposed because it holds $4 trillion in deposits in U.s.

    Treasury bonds.

    As such, it has a direct financial interest in the U. S. financial system, and U.k. banks have been making efforts to keep it that way.

    For the Us., the banksters are going to have to use their money more wisely.

    They are going have to sell assets and refinance debt at a higher yield, to help the U of S. economy get out of this financial mess.

    They may have to raise prices, because that could lead to a rise in interest rates.

    They might even have to close down businesses to make money.

    If all of that happens, and the U’s central bank becomes unable to maintain the stability of the US. currency and the banks financial holdings, it will become very difficult for the U to pay its bills.

    If that happens and the financial institutions get bailed out by the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England, the U will have to resort to a massive debt deflationary spiral to keep the economy afloat.

    That could easily cause the U economy to grind to a halt, with unemployment and poverty rising to levels that have never been seen since the 1930s.

    The economic and financial consequences of that scenario are far-reaching.

    If the U continues to have a system that relies heavily on foreign investment for its economic success, the system is not only unsustainable, it is also extremely dangerous.

    The Federal Reserve System and the global economic system have become increasingly interconnected, with many of the major players investing in the global economy.

    The problem is that those investments are increasingly at the expense of the United S of A. For example, the Chinese financial system is now more dependent on international banks than the U is.

    The money that is invested by these banks is not being invested at all in the countries that are really in the grip of a recession, like China.

    That means that U. s banks are not only being forced to make risky bets on their own financial stability, but also that they are being encouraged to do so at the detriment of U. and the rest the global economies.

    In the U., the financial systems own stock market has fallen from its peak in 2001, as it continues to experience the aftermath of the Great Recession.

    The stock market, which is not the same as the stock market in China or in Japan, has collapsed because the U has become increasingly reliant on foreign investors.

    As a result, the markets are becoming increasingly unstable.

    The collapse of stocks and bonds in the rest in the world will likely result in a similar event for the United states.

    The biggest concern that the banks and financial institutions have is the loss of control over the money supply, which could


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