A Canadian tourist has told a local newspaper that she and her family were shocked to discover a stolen golden compass in their backyard.

    “It was the first time I had seen it in about five years,” Laura Cottrell told the Ottawa Citizen.

    “The first time we saw it was in a picture on Facebook.

    We thought it was a photo, but when we got closer, it wasn’t.”

    Cottrell said she had only recently gotten into the hobby of using the golden ball in the summer months when the compass disappeared.

    “We have been doing this for about six years now,” she said.

    “And we have a lot of experience.

    We have been on the hunt for it, and we are just so glad it was found.”

    Cobb Creek, Ont., resident Laura C. Cottrel said she discovered the compass on her backyard at a local park.

    She said she and two friends used the compass to navigate their backyard in the dark, without lights or reflective material.

    Cottrel told the Citizen she is a professional hunter, but has no idea who stole the compass.

    “I just hope it was someone who had no idea it was missing,” she told the paper.

    “There are a lot more people who use this kind of compass than I have.

    It’s just an amazing piece of technology that we can use.”

    Curtis and Lyle Fussell, owners of Fussel and Cottler, told the newspaper the stolen compass has a small red star in the centre.

    Curtiss and Fussels said they had not seen the compass since it was stolen and did not know how it ended up in the area.


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