If you’ve been planning to get a VPN connection for your Xbox One this Christmas, you may have to wait until after Christmas.

    Microsoft is working on a new feature to allow users to bypass the Xbox Live VPN.

    The feature will come with the Xbox One S, but the software is not yet available.

    The service, called Xbox Live Essentials, is an Xbox Live app that will let you download and use Xbox Live applications.

    The app will also let you use apps that aren’t available on Xbox Live and use them on Xbox One.

    The company said that it was not aware of any exploits that would allow users access to the app, but added that the app could be compromised.

    The Xbox Live website notes that Xbox Live will be unavailable during the holidays and that the Xbox VPN will be disabled in December.

    Microsoft said that the service was a test for a feature that it will soon roll out to all Xbox One users.

    Microsoft has been working on this feature for a while, but until now, it’s only been in preview mode.

    The new feature comes with the ability to disable your Xbox Live connection and set up a VPN to access the Xbox app on your computer.

    Microsoft also says that Xbox Essentials will work with Windows 10.

    If you’re on Windows 10, you’ll need to install the Microsoft VPN app, and that will be the only way to connect to the Xbox.

    The developer of the Xbox Essences app has not released a release date.

    Microsoft did not provide an explanation for why it didn’t release the app before the holidays.

    Microsoft’s Xbox Live developer community is active and well-known.

    Microsoft and Xbox Live are currently in the middle of a patent battle with another VPN provider, Xfer.

    Microsoft sued Xfer in November 2017 for $1.5 million after Xfer began blocking Xbox Live users in China.

    Xfer has since released a new version of its VPN app that allows you to connect through other countries.

    Microsoft isn’t the only company that has recently cracked down on VPNs.

    Google has also taken steps to block VPNs for its users.


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