A new golden bracelet from jewelry giant Honey Gold has gone on sale for the first time.

    The gold bracelet is a limited edition of 100, but you can order one online for $1,000 (it’s currently $1.8 million).

    The bracelet is made of the same solid gold as the original Honey Gold Gold, which came out in 2011.

    The gold chain and clasp are also solid gold.

    Honey Gold, the world’s largest gold company, says the bracelet’s high-quality, non-porous design helps to keep its price low.

    It is the only bracelet in the world that has an edge-to-edge finish, meaning it has a very thin layer of gold on the inside of the bracelet that prevents corrosion.

    It is also one of the few bracelets that has a diamond-like edge on the back of the clasp.

    The metal of the back and clasp is also solid, making it one of those items that is “not really as fancy as gold jewelry,” said Honey Gold CEO Mike Smith.

    You can buy one online or at Honey Gold’s store in New York City.

    This new gold bracelet costs $1 (roughly $1 million) for a bracelet that measures about 16 inches long.

    It weighs 4.6 ounces.

    This is not the first golden bracelet to hit the market with a gold chain.

    Honey Gold introduced a similar gold chain in 2016 called the Platinum Crown.

    This bracelet costs about $400 (rough.

    $3 million).

    Honey gold also sells bracelets in different shapes and colors.

    It offers a gold-embroidered bracelet that has the letters “Honey” engraved on it.

    The bracelet comes in three different sizes, from $1 to $4,000.

    The $3,000 gold bracelet comes with the words “Gold Crown.”

    Honey says its bracelet is the “most expensive gold bracelet ever.”

    “It is very hard to find an object that is so precious,” Smith said.

    “It’s a very rare object.”

    You can find a variety of options for this bracelet online or through Honey Gold.

    You can get it in either gold, silver, or platinum, and you can also get it with a platinum or gold chain, or a diamond or sapphire chain.


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