The golden earrings can be a little intimidating when it comes to getting your boyfriend to wear them, but there are some simple tips to get them right.

    Here are five easy ways to get him to embrace your gold-ringed love.


    Make sure he knows he is not just wearing a ring.

    This is a biggie.

    If you have a boyfriend, and you’re not sure if he wants gold, you can always tell him that you’re wearing a gold ear ring, and he will appreciate it.

    You can also ask him to put a little gold glitter on his earrings if he likes it.

    Gold earrings are also very popular with the men who wear them.

    You will never find a gold ring with a diamond.


    If he has a gold hoop earring, give it to him.

    If your boyfriend has a silver hoop ear ring and you don’t have one, it is also okay to give it a gold one, because he will like it. 3.

    Have a friend watch you.

    This will also help.

    The golden or silver hoop ears will be a lot more comfortable on your neck and shoulders, since you can see that it is a gold or silver one.


    Don’t let your boyfriend think you are buying a gold necklace.

    It is possible that he is wearing a golden or other similar type of necklace and you are not sure what to make of it.

    For example, you may have a gold stud ornaments, or gold chains, gold rings, gold necklaces or gold earlobes.

    It’s always a good idea to tell him what you are wearing, as well as what your other jewelry is.

    If it’s a necklace that is gold, and your boyfriend thinks you are doing it for him, then it’s okay to have a little discussion.


    Make your gold ear rings your own.

    Make gold ear-rings a part of your man’s daily routine.

    This way, he will be happy and satisfied with them.


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