Apple Watch is finally here.

    The watch’s been on the market since late March, and it’s received mixed reviews.

    The first wave of pre-orders came through on April 20th, but many of the other first-week shipments of the watch had to be cancelled due to the company’s supply chain issues.

    The company has since patched up the supply chain and has begun shipping to customers worldwide, but it’s still unclear how much of the demand the watch will generate.

    As the second wave of orders comes in, Apple Watch sales are expected to pick up as the first week of September comes to an end.

    It’ll be interesting to see how the new device performs against Samsung’s Galaxy Gear.

    We’ve already seen a huge rise in demand for Samsung’s Gear smartwatch, and the Gear 2 is expected to be a massive success.

    But, in the absence of a Galaxy Gear to sell, we’ll be keeping our eye on Apple Watch.

    Read more about the Apple Watch: What’s in the box?

    Apple Watch Pros & Cons Pros & cons Pros &cons Apple Watch – what you need to know Pros & comms: Cons: Cons are a long list.

    But here are some of the pros & cons that we can think of for your Apple Watch purchase: Pros: Powerful, reliable wireless charging system.

    Cons: There’s no built-in GPS.

    Pros: The Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to track movement and automatically adjusts to fit your wrist.


    Apple Watch faces can be a bit different from each other.

    Pros & coms: The watch has a battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge, so you won’t have to worry about it running out of juice.

    Cons & com: The battery life is about 5 days, and you need a watch battery charger for up to 20 days of usage.

    Pros : Apple Watch has a number of innovative features, such as a heart rate sensor, a new color palette, an expanded screen, and more.

    Cons : The watch will only work with Apple Watch Series 2 models and older.

    Pros / coms : The Apple watch can also be used with your iPhone for communication.

    Pros and coms are just a few of the things you can do with the Apple watch.

    Pros with Apple watch: You can: Create music videos and watch movies with the watch.

    Cons with Apple phone: You’ll need an iPhone with iOS 8.0.3 or later and an SD card for your music or movies.

    Pros, cons, & com points: Pros Pros: Apple Watch provides a wealth of powerful new features and tools for users who want to get in on the smartwatch craze.

    Cons, & comm points:


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