This is a quick and easy guide to making the golden compass.

    It can also be helpful if you are using the compass on your iPhone or iPad.

    The golden compass is a very simple and simple-looking device.

    It’s very easy to set up, and can be used for both navigation and to measure distances.

    If you’re looking for a simpler way to make your own compass, this is it.

    The compass is actually a single piece of metal that is mounted on a ring.

    The ring has a hole through it and the metal is attached to a rod that has a string attached to it.

    Once the string is pulled tight, it spins, making it look like a compass.

    When you’re trying to measure something, like distances, the compass will spin faster than a clock, so the faster the rotation, the closer to the true location of the object.

    The Golden Compass is made of a copper ring, a metal rod with a string and a piece of string.

    The copper ring is made out of stainless steel and the string and rod are made of brass.

    To set up the Golden Coronas Compass, you’ll need a steel bar and a string.

    There are two kinds of steel bars: the standard gold bar and the silver bar.

    The standard gold and silver bars are both made of copper.

    The silver bar is also called the silver bell.

    There’s a lot of different types of gold and different types and sizes of silver, and you can buy them in a variety of sizes.

    You can buy these from your local hardware store, online, or from your favorite craft store.

    The basic model, which you buy, has a copper core that is just as strong as steel.

    It weighs a lot less than the standard brass bar and it has a smaller diameter.

    You also need a copper spring.

    The spring connects to a metal tube that is attached in the center.

    You attach the spring to the string by inserting the string into the tube and then pulling the string up through the tube.

    The tube is also attached to the rod.

    The rod is a small, thin metal rod that is also connected to the metal spring.

    It has a spring in the end.

    The rods are connected by a string that is connected to a string in the tube that you attach to the gold bar.

    When the string comes up through one end of the rod, it connects to the other end of a string inside the spring that’s attached to one of the two rings.

    When it comes down through the other side of the spring, the string connects to another string in a tube.

    You connect the string to the spring and then pull the string down through it.

    This allows the spring’s pull to push the string through the tubes, creating the magnetic force that moves the rod and string.

    If the string goes through the end of both strings, it creates a magnetic field, and the magnetism of the string moves the string around the ring and the gold piece inside the tube, creating an alternating magnetic field that moves around the object and creates a compass point.

    When we look at the picture above, the yellow and white dots are connected to each other.

    The yellow dot is connected through the center of the yellow ring, which is attached with a loop on one end to the brass rod.

    This yellow ring is the “ground.”

    The red dot is attached through the red ring, with a screw on one side to the silver ring.

    This silver ring is connected with a metal pin that’s connected to another metal pin on the top of the silver tube that goes into the spring.

    This metal pin is attached inside the bell.

    The white dot is on the other part of the gold ring that’s connecting to the yellow.

    The gold and the yellow are connected through a string connected to both of the rings.

    You’ll want to take care to make sure you don’t pull the strings too tight.

    If a lot is going on in the yellow, it could be too tight, and it could cause the string’s string to be pulled through the holes in the bell and the ring.

    Also, if the yellow is too tight and the strings are pulling the strings apart too much, you could pull the bell too far and cause the yellow to come apart.

    The pin in the red is attached at the bottom of the bell with a short screw that’s mounted on the end in a straight line.

    When I first saw this, I thought it was just an ordinary bell, but it turns out it’s actually a bell with two ends.

    The end of one end connects to an orange ring, the other connects to one more orange ring.

    You could connect the ends together to make a bell, and that would make a very nice ring.

    I used an old gold ring with a hole in the middle for this, and I think it looks pretty good.

    It looks like a real bell.

    This picture shows the end connecting to two orange rings.

    This is an illustration of the ends connecting to one orange ring and two red rings


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