By Alex ManguyBarry Bonds and Babe Ruth don’t come to mind as players who would have enjoyed the best of the AFL.

    But a new poll suggests the future might be different.

    The AFL has announced that the future is bright for the game.

    The future is in the game’s best interests.

    The answer is yes.

    In a survey of 1,300 AFL fans conducted by The Conversation, more than one in three of the fans believe there is an AFL future for the future.

    The poll found that almost one in four of those who said they were fans of the game had a view on whether it’s possible to have an AFL team in Sydney, Melbourne or Perth in 2026.

    This is the same figure as in 2016, when a majority of respondents said there was an AFL side in their city in 2023.

    The survey also found that only one in five Australians think the AFL should be in Canberra or Brisbane, which is a sharp drop from the previous survey, in which 61 per cent of respondents believed the AFL would play games in either city.

    The other two cities were Perth and Adelaide, with 51 per cent and 51 per.cent of respondents saying they wanted the AFL to play games at either of those cities in 2028.

    The next two cities, Brisbane and Adelaide respectively, were not included in the survey.

    As it stands, the AFL has been given until May 2027 to decide whether to field a team in these cities.

    The final decision will be made at the end of the 2020 season.

    The results of the survey have been tabulated, and the results are now being used by the AFL as a way to gauge public opinion on the future direction of the sport.

    The result of the poll has been published in the Australian, with an article published on the AFL website with the headline, ‘There is an increasing interest in the AFL in 2027’.

    The article was written by James Dobbins and covers the opinions of 2,000 fans, and is a response to the survey results.

    James Dobbin has a PhD in History from the University of Queensland.


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