The Jungle book is a classic tale of enchantment, magic and adventure.

    While we’re only halfway through its run, the movie is already having a bit of a moment on the big screen.

    And we know there are many of you out there who are eager to see more of this classic tale.

    So here’s a list of all the Disney characters we can think of that will be appearing in the upcoming Disney film The Junglebook: 1.

    The Beast: A very big, ugly monster.

    We know he’s the Beast from the film, but what do we know about him?

    Will he be a human?

    A demon?

    Will we see him in this film?


    The Mouseketeer: A mouseketeer with a great voice, a penchant for singing, and a knack for keeping things interesting.


    The Queen of Hearts: This is the beautiful and charming Queen of hearts who is the most beloved of all Disney princesses.

    Will we get to meet her in The Journey?


    The Little Mermaid: A princess who has everything a princess could ask for in life.

    Will she be a part of The Journey, or is she just going to be an everyday Disney character?


    Pocahontas: The Pocahondas of the world will be making an appearance in The Journeys of Princesses and Villains, and it’s one of our favorite movies of all time.

    How will she interact with the rest of the film?


    The Nutcracker: One of the more recognizable Disney villains from The Little Rascals, this guy is an iconic figure in the Disney film universe.

    Will he have a major role in The Kingdom?


    The Muppet Show: The Muppets have always been an important part of Disney’s filmography, and they’ll be a big part of the movie as well.

    Will they be appearing?


    Ursula the First: A giant Ursula is the biggest, baddest baddest Ursula ever.

    Will it be her first appearance?


    The Snow Queen: Ursula has always been a big fan favorite, and will we see her in the film as well?


    Ursuline: Ursulina is one of the most iconic Disney characters of all-time, and she’ll be making a big appearance in this upcoming film as a major villain.

    Will you see her as part of this film or just a regular Disney character in The Adventures of Pocahoy?


    Big Mac: The iconic Big Mac will make a return in the sequel to the beloved television series The Munchkins, but we know he’ll be seen in a big way.

    Will Big Mac have a big role in the Journey?


    Mowgli: MowGli is the main protagonist of the Munchkin series, and he’ll appear in a major way.

    But we’re not sure what the Mowgs will be doing in this movie.


    The Lion King: The Lion king is a very familiar face to many people, and we’re pretty sure the folks at Walt Disney Imagineering have been thinking about him for a long time.

    What about him will he be in the movie?


    Toto: Toto, the dog from the Lion King series, will be one of many characters who’ll be appearing as part or in the journey of The Jungle.

    Will there be a Toto in this Journey?


    The White Rabbit: The White rabbit from The Lion, King, and the Wardrobe will make an appearance, and hopefully be a recurring character.

    We’re sure this rabbit will have a significant role in this adventure.


    Jasmine: Jasmine is the heroine of The Little Princesses, and her arrival in The Little Journey will be a major character in the story.

    Will this Jasmine make an important appearance in the tale?


    The Wizard of Oz: The wizard of Oz will make his way to the Journey, and perhaps he’ll even make an appearances in the book.

    But who will be playing him in the adventure?


    The Witching Hour: A witch will make her way to The Journey as a member of the Journey’s band of merrymakers, and maybe a witch herself.

    Who will be the main witch in this journey?


    Snow White: Snow White will be going through a major change in this version of The Lion’s Kingdom, and possibly appearing in a role in it.

    Will Snow White be seen as part the Journey or simply a regular character?


    Cinderella: Cinderella will be an important character in this new version of the Cinderella story, and probably a key one in her own Journey.

    Will Cinderella make an interesting appearance in our journey, or will she just be a regular Cinderella?


    Ariel: Ariel will be returning in the next installment of the Disney franchise, and that could make an impact on our journey.

    Will Ariel make an unexpected appearance, or does the film plan to just give her


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