It’s been a busy summer for the golden retrievals, who’ve taken to the road, opened up shop in restaurants and even appeared on the cover of GQ.

    The Golden Retries have even won the hearts of fans with their sweet, innocent smiles and their love for nature.

    But now, with the popularity of a new mini version of the pet, the dog is in a much more dangerous position.

    The golden retriveless has been the subject of some negative publicity.

    The pet’s creators, A&T Labs, have been accused of “puppeteering” their pet in an effort to promote the product, which is marketed as a dog food.

    And on the other side of the coin, the golden retrievers’ owners have been quick to condemn the dogs for being used as a platform to promote their products.

    Golden Retrievers are known to be popular with kids, so the Golden Retry owners are facing backlash for selling a pet that can be dangerous to children.

    One Golden Retrier owner, who asked to remain anonymous, wrote on social media: “Its really scary to see people promoting this product with their kids, and its even more scary when they see the negative effects it can have on their kids and their families.”

    Another Golden Retie owner, from Florida, said: “Ive been buying Golden Retreres for years, and it’s been so good to have one around.

    But with all the negativity, it has definitely created some issues for me.”

    Despite their popularity, the Golden retrieves are still highly controversial among the dog owners.

    They’re also one of the most controversial products on the market, with a high price tag that can cost as much as $5,000 to purchase.

    As part of their marketing, the company sells a range of products to the public, ranging from the Golden retriever diet, which includes “a variety of dog foods and supplements” to dog hair and body supplements, to dog food that includes “all dog foods”.

    But the Golden Treese aren’t the only dog that has been accused for its marketing.

    A&amp: Labs has also been accused in recent weeks of trying to promote its pet by placing ads in the popular New York City food blog Food52.

    On Tuesday, the website was hacked and hundreds of posts were removed from the site after being posted by A&am: Labs’ co-founder, Mike D. Mascarenhas, who is also the CEO of the dog food company.

    In one post, Mascarelli, a former marketing executive for the luxury food chain Prada, complained that the company had a negative advertising campaign for its Golden Treasures, as well as a video showing a Golden retriess chewing on a Styrofoam cupcake.

    “I dont know what kind of marketing we are doing to our readers, but I can tell you that its a shame,” he wrote.

    He also complained about a TV ad for the company’s dog food, saying it “shows a golden retriear eating a Styros cupcake with a smile on its face, which I dont think is cute or good marketing”.

    “We know we need to work harder to make this product a great food for our dogs and their owners,” he added.

    Other Golden Retrian owners have called on Mascaress company to take action against its advertising, which they claim is offensive to their beloved pets.

    According to the website Food52, the videos and posts about the Golden Terriers have been viewed more than 3 million times.


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