I was at a friend’s wedding and I told him how much I loved the rings that he and his fiancée got when he got married.

    I was expecting them to look like they were made of gold, but I wasn’t expecting them not to be. 

    The rings themselves are made of platinum and silver and have a lovely, polished finish.

    They’re also a good deal more expensive than the expensive gold-plated wedding bands you’ll find in some of the biggest and most glamorous weddings of the past century.

    But it’s the way they look and the quality of the finish that really makes them stand out.

    I wanted to find out more about the process that got the gold ring gold, and I went to the UK to talk to two jewelers who have used this technique.

    Gold rings are made from platinum and a metal called palladium.

    They are also called gold plated or gold rings.

    They make up most of the jewelry in the world. 

    In the past, it has been difficult to find the right ring for me.

    The ring I wanted was made from an alloy called platinum-gold, but there were many different types of platinum.

    I knew I wanted something with a high polish and a great colour. 

    But the process of finding a ring made from this material was a little more complex than I’d imagined.

    The first step is to look for a ring that is gold plating. 

    Platinum is very dense, so you have to know a lot about the material to be able to work with it. 

    A platinum ring with a very high polish, for example, is much harder than a platinum ring that has a lot of light in it, so it’s more likely to wear away from you. 

    So to find a platinum-plating ring, you have lots of options.

    You could buy a ring with an extremely fine and dark polish, but the higher the polish, the more it will wear away.

    Or you could try an alloy like gold, which has lots of light and an excellent finish.

    But the hardest thing to find is a gold ring made with a silver plating, or with a platinum plating that’s not at all dark. 

    To get the platinum plated ring, the first thing to do is get it plated with palladium, a substance which is a mixture of silver and palladium that is extremely expensive.

    Platinum is a hard, brittle metal, and palladates are much softer than platinum. 

    Palladium has an incredibly high melting point, so when you apply a lot and heat it up, it melts. 

    When you melt it, it becomes brittle. 

    If you use a lot heat and heat to melt the plating on a regular basis, it will eventually form a plating layer that is very hard and hard to remove. 

    That’s why you want to make the plated rings as shiny as possible. 

    I started with a gold-plate ring, and it was extremely hard to get a platinum one that was easy to melt and was not so hard as to peel off.

    I ended up with a plated gold-ring. 

    And so, I made a platinum platinum-plate and then I plated that.

    I then went to another jeweler and asked him to make me a platinum and gold gold-set, and a platinum silver-set. 

    Then I went back to my jeweller and asked what he had made, and he said, well, we’ve got a platinum set that’s platinum plater and a gold set that has gold plater. 

    This was a very exciting time.

    I thought, this is a great way to discover this new material. 

    You could see it in the plates that the ring came in, which were shiny and gold-like.

    But when I saw that I was getting a platinum plate, I knew this was the material.

    I just had to find that plating ring. 

    On a trip to a jeweller in Spain, I went through a long list of platinum platers, and the one that I had on hand was platinum silver plater, which is also platinum platin. 

    We went to a jewelry store and I bought this platinum silver set.

    And then I just bought this gold-gold set.

    I wanted a platinum gold ring with very good finish. 

    With the platinum silver plate I had, I wanted the gold to be very dark and shiny.

    And with the gold, I was happy to see that it was plated in gold.

    So, I started by plating the ring with gold platin and then the gold plation was a great finish.

    When you plated the ring, it was the gold that was the hardest.

    The platinum platter had very little shine, and even the gold on it had less. 

    It was only when I made the platinum-silver plating that I noticed how much


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