Golden kamasutu, a small fish native to the southern Philippines, has been one of the most popular aquarium fish to be named by aquarium enthusiasts in the past few years.

    But the fish can sometimes get lost and has been known to be a little bit of a troublemaker.

    We caught a golden kamautu while visiting the aquarium at the Marina del Rey in Los Angeles.

    I didn’t want to let the fish get into the water, so I started to guide it into a bucket and let it out to see what would happen.

    The fish kept swimming into the bucket and eventually came out with a little yellow tail.

    But it was a good thing that it didn’t get into too much water as it could have been quite a mess.

    The golden kambuzu is one of two species of kambusu found in the Philippines.

    Both species have long necks and a strong tail and can grow to up to 50 centimetres (2 feet) in length.

    The gold kamasuta is one species that is a bit smaller than the other.

    The other is the golden kambo, a fish that can grow up to 30 centimeters (12 feet) long and weighs around 5.5 kilograms (12 pounds).

    The two fish are considered the best of the three varieties of kamasue, because they are both quite large and have the same coloration.

    Both of these species have a distinctive head that can be very visible.

    But I think the golden fish is the more exciting of the two, because it has a tail that is very long and very distinctive.

    It’s a very special fish that is also quite a beautiful fish.

    It has such an interesting and distinctive tail that it really grabs my attention.

    It makes it hard for me to keep count.

    If I were to count, it would be the size of my thumb, which is the size and shape of my palm.

    It is such a unique tail, it can be so big and powerful, and yet it’s very soft and fluffy.

    There are a few other animals that can have this tail and they all have a really beautiful and beautiful, long tail.

    It reminds me of a lot of what I love in fish, because I think that is the best part of the kambu.

    I really enjoy this species because it is a little smaller than its relatives, the other two species.

    So it is actually really quite a nice fish to watch.

    I also like that it has such a beautiful tail, because this is not something that is normally seen in the wild.

    The tail is very soft, it is very beautiful, and I think it is really something that I really like to see in the aquarium.

    I think this species is also an ideal fish for people who are looking for something different in the sea.

    It also has such great colors and markings, and you don’t see that in other fish.

    But that’s really why people love this fish so much, because of the way it looks and its markings.

    But maybe I just have to look at it a little more than I normally do.

    If it wasn’t for its beautiful tail I would definitely say that it would not be a good choice for me, but that’s just my opinion.

    So I really love this particular kambue.

    This fish is also one of those that I think can be used in a variety of situations.

    It can be a fun fish for the aquarium, and it is also something that can really grow into quite a large fish.

    The more that it grows, the more it will be used, because the longer it grows the more the tank needs to be fed and the bigger it will get.

    In fact, it could also become an aquarium pest.

    The only problem with this particular fish is that it is extremely territorial, so you don´t want to mess with it.

    But there are many fish that you can actually see with their tails sticking out, so if you get a little tipsy with a kambua, it may not be so bad.

    When you get the opportunity to have a little fun, I think I would really enjoy watching the kambo go for a walk or get a bit of exercise.

    So you could be watching them swimming in the ocean and having fun, and then the kamaue will come up and start to chase them away.

    You could even have a bit more fun with them in the water because it doesn’t take long to get them hooked.

    When the kamasute is at its maximum size, the fish will be quite aggressive towards it and they can even bite you.

    So the kamba is definitely a great choice if you have kids and you want them to get a good look at the fish.


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