Rose gold necklace and gold teeth worth $2,300.

    Kitco Gold tooth is $1,300, and rose gold tooth is worth $1.50.

    The top two items on this list are for men, as they’re the most common in the U.S.

    Rose gold necklace is the most popular among men, according to the website Moneyfacts.

    KitCo Gold is a slightly more popular item among women, with KitCo gold worth $6.00.

    The average value of a rose gold chain is $50.

    KitCo gold tooth costs $2.50 to make, while KitCo tooth is only $2 to sell.

    The most popular items for gold teeth come from China, but there are a lot of other items out there.

    You might find the most interesting gold tooth in China at a local jewelry store, like this gemstone from Beijing.

    In the U, you can find gold teeth for as low as $5.50 each.

    For more information, check out the Gold tooth website.

    If you’re looking for a ring or bracelet, you might be interested in a gold necklace or bracelet from the company known for its “Lucky Chomp” line.

    These are often sold at the local department store, and can be worth a few hundred dollars.

    You can also find a gold tooth from a jewelry shop, like these gemstone-encrusted gold teeth from the Hong Kong shop of the same name.